Healthy Lifestyle Hypnotherapy Newsletter – October 2016

Welcome to Healthy Lifestyle Hypnotherapy Newsletter for October 2016 update.  For all our blog readers out there! We have now decided produce a monthly newsletter.  With this decision we can now update you on our news and exciting developments follows:

1. Successful evening:  ‘Base Radio Bristol’ Local Business Networking event 

At Daniel Bateman Hypnotherapy we have had our ever successful business networking event hosted by Base Radio Bristol, a local radio station for South Bristol Community.  We would like to thank the organisers of ‘Base Radio’ and ‘Action Indoor Sports centre’ near Hengrove, Bristol.  We have included some of the pictures of our stall at the event!


2. New! Daniel Bateman Hypnotherapy marketing resources

At Daniel Bateman Hypnotherapy we now have a brand new banner to promote our hypnotherapy services to other business providers.  We have produced updated flyers and new business cards with matching the logo.  We had a wonderful to meet with different charities and organisations and discussed about the services we can offer their clients.


3. Skype sessions: our sessions can now reach anyone, anywhere and anytime!

At Daniel Bateman Hypnotherapy are aim is to reach our sessions to anyone, anywhere and anytime in the world!   Clients now can now access their Skype from the comfort of there home! Please ask for more details.

4. Daniel Bateman Hypnotherapy advert feature in ’Firestyle’ magazine

We have been asked to be featured in the ‘Firestyle’ magazine for the next four issues and to be listed on there online ‘Firestyle’ magazine, directory and phone app!  The will be magazine targeted to people who work in the Fire and Rescue services.  We are proud to be featured in there four issues of this magazine to market our hypnotherapy services.  This will hopefully enable people within this profession to have access to our services based in the Bristol and West region.

This will hopefully provide professionals in the ‘Fire and Rescue Service,’ the skills required in the sessions to help them maintain a healthy balance lifestyle.

5. Online Marketing Clip

From the previous update new online marketing clip is to attract prospective clients to sign up our hypnotherapy services.  This will help clients understand what is Solution Focused Hypnotherapy is and a understanding how it can help, our main goals and about where we are and how you can contact us.  At the moment it is an ongoing process and will be ready for our November update.

How you can contact us!

If you have any questions, suggestions or would like to book your FREE initial consultation session today! For more information please contact us click link or email or alternatively call us on 07875 673103. Our next newsletter update will be in November!

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