Marketing and Advertising season – FOCUS Newsletter – September 2016

Welcome to my Marketing and Advertising season of FOCUS, September 2016 edition.   I hope to bring you coverage of all different areas relating to world of Solution Focused Hypnotherapy.  Here are the latest new developments and activities going on with Daniel Bateman Hypnotherapy:

Revamped website and Logo design
Daniel Bateman Hypnotherapy
I am please to announce there is a new look to the website and logo design. I have created three corporate colours red, brown and green.  The banner at the top of my website represents a person with two arms symmetrically, which embraces a healthy balanced lifestyle.  After much consideration I have decided to stick with the tree which symbolises ‘life. My headline is simply to help you ‘Focus, Relax and Achieve a balanced healthy lifestyle.’

New flyers for prospective clients

My new flyers I have handed out to perspective clients and business providers either in person or at marketing events. This will give you a brief account of the services offered to you when you book your initial consultation.

My Online Marketing video clip

The online marketing clip will hopefully help my clients and business partners have an opportunity to meet me online!  The online clip will give you an insight as the audience about the work.  I hope you have a real sense of what services I can offer. The clip will hopefully be loaded up on to my home page of our website in November 2016.

‘Focus’ blog: health topics and networking and new developments

Each season as my blog readers you will have an opportunity to read and interact with “FOCUS” blog.  I will updated with the latest topics on how Solution Focused Hypnotherapy can help you.  Topics from weight loss, to insomnia, to life balance and so much more.

The ‘Focus’ blog will enable you to be update about networking with other providers. Topics covered are ‘Treatment swaps and use of Solution Focused Hypnotherapy.’ I will keep you posted on networking events in the area. My blog will also focus on the work with other business partners. The focus blog will update you on the work we carry out with business partners and professionals. Multidisciplinary working is vital to improve the general wellbeing of my clients in my practice.

In October, I will be running a marketing event in Bristol. If you would be interested in finding out more, please contact me on the link below.

How you can contact me?

So what are you waiting for? Book your Initial consultation today! For more information please go to my website by clicking on to my ‘contact form’ to send a message.  You can also contact me on 07875 673103. The next newsletter update will be out in October!

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