Other hypnotherapy services

Other services offered by Daniel Bateman Hypnotherapy

At Daniel Bateman Hypnotherapy, I also offer specialist services:

Smoking cessation hypnotherapy service

If you are committed and want to give up smoking, then I am committed to helping you reach your goal.

A smoking consultation is a one-off consultation which lasts two hours. The format of this session is slightly different, and will be fully explained before your consultation.

I had been attempting and failing to stop smoking over and over again for years. Then a friend suggested I try solution focused hypnotherapy. After visiting Daniel Bateman at his practice in Clifton Village, I am overjoyed to be able to say that I am cured. Just like that! Like I’d never been a smoker, the craving – IT’S GONE! Thank You Daniel.

Specific anti-phobia hypnotherapy service

I also offer hypnotherapy for clients with specific phobias, i.e.  Fear of animals, fear of travelling and much more. If you think you suffer from a phobia, you will need to attend an initial consultation.

The type of phobia you have will affect the therapy required.

  • If you have a specific phobia then you will require only 3 further sessions using a ‘Rewind-Reframe Technique’.
  • If your phobia affects all aspects of  your daily activities, you may require 8-12 standard hypnotherapy sessions.

Find out more about solution focused hypnotherapy, and if you have any further question please don’t hesitate to get in contact – I’ll be only to please to answer them.

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