Sleep Balance : Too little or too much

Sort your sleep problems and wake up feeling refreshed

Did you know that getting enough sleep is one of the most important things you can do to stay healthy?

Sleep balance

While you’re asleep vital things happen in your body. Sleep rewires and resets your brain getting it ready for the new day. It also helps with growth and repair of cells and tissues. If you get enough sleep you wake up feeling bright, refreshed and ready for anything. But too little sleep will leave you feeling sluggish, more susceptible to illness and generally pretty miserable.

Do you feel you are sleeping too much or not getting enough sleep? Are you taking ages to fall asleep or waking early? Or is there just no rhyme or reason to your sleep patterns?

There are loads of reasons you might suffer with sleep problems:

  • Overthinking things that have happened during the day
  • Worries about stressful events
  • Aches and pains
  • An underlying medical condition
  • Drug or alcohol use
  • Feeling too hot, too cold, thirsty…

One of the most common causes of sleep disorders is stress. If your stress levels are high you may suffer with broken sleep leaving you prone to waking up feeling anxious, depressed or irritable. What’s more, your ability to cope with any further stress will be zero. This can lead to a negative spiral.

Unfortunately, once we get into a pattern of not getting enough sleep it is very difficult to break it.

Try solution focused hypnotherapy for sleep problems

Solution focused hypotherapy can help to get your sleep problems under control and your sleeping patterns back to normal. At your initial consultation I will help you to understand how your brain works and how this can contribute to your sleep problems.

We will use visualisation hypnosis and relaxation techniques to focus on making positive changes to your sleep patterns. And I will teach you simple self-relaxation techniques and breathing exercises to use at home.

Together we’ll work to give you a good night’s sleep once again.

If you suffer from a sleep disorder, or you are just not getting enough sleep, why not try hypnotherapy for sleep problems? Book now for your initial consultation.

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